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Custom Bracing

Custom bracing/Compression Therapy– At Physio In The Six Inc., we provide a wide array of compression socks and bracing options for many orthopaedic conditions. Essentially, any joint in the body can be braced depending on the condition you are being treated for. Due to the complexity of the body and the mechanics of each joint, we offer the highest quality of braces available on the market today. We are a preferred supplier of Bauerfeind products: German made braces that are custom fitted to your needs and are anatomically knitted with breathable fabric and visco-elastic inserts.


Custom bracing can be used for a variety of conditions that may cause pain or limit your function. Whether it be a ligament injury, post-surgery, or osteoarthritis, bracing is designed to restore movement, decrease pain and optimize performance. As movement specialists, we know how debilitating an injury can be. Bracing can be a great compliment to your rehabilitation process by providing stability, stimulating circulation while promoting healing to the area of injury.


  • Custom Knee Braces: align and support the knee, provide stability, relieve pressure on certain structures of the knee, offloading properties to reduce osteoarthritis pain
  • Custom Wrist Braces: align and support the wrist from a fracture or repetitive strain injury
  • Back Braces: realign, immobilize or support weakened areas of the lumbar spine or sacroiliac joint
  • Custom Shoulder Braces: assist with instability from subluxations and/or dislocation, post-operative pain.
  • Custom Ankle Braces: assist with instability, reduce pain from tendonitis, post-operative rehabilitation.

To schedule a brace fitting or compression sock fitting, it is a requirement for the practitioner to assess your condition. This will ensure that the right fitting brace be provided for the most optimal option for your recovery. To obtain pricing information, please contact us.