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Sports Injuries


At Physio In The Six Inc. we know that each sport comes with its own risks and potential injuries. Knowing how to prevent as well as treat different injuries provides the optimal outcome for an athlete to return to sport or continue sport at the highest and safest level of performance. Sports physiotherapy or sports physical therapy is a focused area of practice that requires skills and knowledge in manual physiotherapy, exercise prescription, knowledge of how to use advanced modalities as well as understanding various sports and fitness activities.

There are three primary types of sports injuries that require physiotherapy:

  • Acute injuries: these are injuries that are caused by sudden impact(s), tears or strains. Common injuries include torn ligaments or broken bones.
  • Overuse injuries: these injuries stem from insufficient rest periods between activity which causes injuries to joints, muscles and sometimes bone. Although these injuries are not as sudden as acute injuries, they can be just as debilitating when they arise. Common injuries include golfers or tennis elbow.
  • Chronic injuries: these injuries occur when acute injuries fail to heal properly or through long term overuse. If the injury is repetitive, recurring, or has lasted a long time without relief it is categorized as a chronic injury.


Depending on the extent of the injury as well as the individual’s lifestyle recovery time is difficult to pinpoint exactly. Serious injuries can take a long time to heal and may require surgical insertion of plates, nails and screws, which could lead to further pain and irritation. These injuries require a period of recovery and rehabilitation in order to return back to normal. A professional assessment and subsequent treatments are highly recommended in order for your physiotherapist to determine the best plan for your recovery and to prevent a recurrence from occurring.


Although many people think of physiotherapy as a solution for after injury, physiotherapy is also effective in helping preventing injuries from occurring as well. Preventative physiotherapy works to build one’s mobility, flexibility and strength in people of all ages and lifestyle. We can help you with increasing your range of motion, flexibility and sometimes circulation. Ask one of our physiotherapists today for more details on preventive physiotherapy.