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Pelvic health is recently becoming highly recognized and is of growing  interest in health and wellness.  Unfortunately, people do not feel comfortable discussing their pelvic health. Our goal at Physio In The Six Inc. is to empower you to openly discuss dysfunction within this area.

Pelvic floor/health physiotherapy involves a comprehensive assessment and treatment of a condition(s) that involve the pelvic region, pelvic floor, or other symptoms that present in the pelvic region. By addressing the dysfunctions of the pelvic to help improve bodily function and overall well-being.

What is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor muscles assist the bladder and bowel perform optimally as well as assist in sexual function.  The pelvic floor includes ligaments, nerves and connective tissues; these muscles start from the pubic bone and go to the coccyx (tailbone).  Many people are unaware if these structures and if they working efficiently and effectively. The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting the bladder, genitals, uterus (women), prostate (men) and rectum like a sling as well as keeping our core strong and our backs healthy.

What is pelvic floor dysfunction and how do I know if I have it? 

Pelvic floor dysfunction is not generalized to incontinence alone. When the body is unable to control or support the muscles in the pelvic floor, or if traumatic injuries occur to the pelvic area, dysfunction may occur.  Several symptoms may suggest pelvic floor dysfunction:

  • Do you have loss of bladder or bowel control when you cough, sneeze or laugh?
  • Do you have pelvic pain with or without intercourse?
  • Do you have pelvic girdle pain during and/or after your pregnancy?
  • Do you have frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom?

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